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We keep the earth Clean and healthy.
We keep the earth Clean and healthy.
Hanwha Solutions X Yonwoo&Kolmar (MOU)
등록일 : 22-08-26 10:53
조회 : 681회


Hanwha Solution will commercialize its cosmetics containers made from waste plastic recycling materials.

Hanwha Solution announced on the 24th that it has signed a business agreement for the "commercialization of eco-friendly cosmetic containers" at Kolmar Korea Institute of Technology located in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

Through this agreement, Hanwha Solution, Kolmar Holdings Korea - the holding company of Kolmar Korea, a cosmetics manufacturer (ODM) company - and Yonwoo - a cosmetics container producer - will jointly promote the commercialization process of developing, producing, and distributing eco-friendly cosmetics containers.

Hanwha Solution and Yonwoo completed the development of eco-friendly cosmetic containers using recycled polyethylene (rPE) raw materials via joint research that began last year. By 2030, the goal is to replace 50% of the cosmetics tubes produced by Kolmar Korea with eco-friendly materials and increase the number of suppliers of eco-friendly packaging containers for global cosmetics companies, which are Yonwoo's customers.

Eco-friendly cosmetics containers produced as a result of the cooperation between the three companies include more than 40% of rPE materials processed into high-quality recycled materials by grinding discarded plastic, which is high in terms of resource circulation efficiency. It is characterized by its excellent quality in passing the verification test of harmful substances at both home and abroad in addition to solving problems such as uneven surfaces that often occur in existing recycled plastics.

"We have worked with Kolmar Holdings Korea and Yonwoo to provide eco-friendly packaging materials to global cosmetics companies," said Nam Ji-hyun, CEO of Hanwha Solution. "We will continue to develop eco-friendly materials that can be supplied to various industries and strengthen ESG (environmental, social, and governance) management."

출처: https://biz.chosun.com/industry/company/2022/08/25/NJJKRBU2PZDSFGTQN4RENOZF44/?utm_source=naver&utm_medium=original&utm_campaign=biz

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